Odisha Income Tax Department raid: Floors, lockers filled with cash as over Rs 350 crore recovered; BJP criticizes Congress’s ‘silence’

Odisha Income Tax

Odisha Income Tax

Odisha Income Tax Department raid: The Income Tax Department’s raid against a distillery company in Odisha reached its sixth day on Monday. A total of Rs 351 crore in cash has been seized after five days of counting, the largest amount so far in a single action by any investigating agency, official sources said.

The properties under the scanner of the Income Tax Department are linked to Congress Rajya Sabha MP Dheeraj Kumar Sahu. Additional machines, staff and security personnel were reportedly deployed to speed up the counting of the seized notes, which is still underway.

December 6

The search was launched on December 6 by tax officials against Boudh Distillery Pvt Ltd, its promoters and others on charges of tax evasion and “off-the-books” transactions. At present, the company and the Congress MP did not respond to PTI’s questions regarding the action being taken against them.

On Sunday, Bhagat Behera, SBI regional manager for Odisha, said, “We found 176 bags and 140 of them have been counted, the rest will be counted today. Officials from 3 banks are involved in the counting process, 50 of our officers are involved. About 40 (currency counting) machines were brought here, 25 are in use and 15 are kept as backup.

Odisha Income Tax

Reaction of political leaders on cash seizure

The recovery of ‘unaccounted cash’ from the property of a Congress leader triggered a political turmoil in the state and the Bharatiya Janata Party sought answers from the Congress.Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that crores of rupees have been recovered, but the entire Indi alliance is silent on this corruption.

Speaking to ANI, Shah said, “I am very surprised. After independence, such a huge amount of cash has been recovered from the house of an MP. Crores of rupees have been recovered but the entire Indi alliance is silent on this corruption. I understand that Congress is silent because corruption is in their nature but JDU, RJD, DMK and SP all are sitting silent…Now I understand why the campaign was launched against PM Modi that the agencies are being misused . This was done because they feared that all the secrets of their corruption would be exposed.”


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