Breaking News: Steven Yeun exits Marvel's Thunderbolts, reshaping Phase 5 dynamics in a major twist.

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THR Confirms: Steven Yeun's unexpected departure from Thunderbolts sparks a wave of Marvel speculation

Scheduling Woes: Steven Yeun bows out of Thunderbolts as social media hints at film's delayed timeline

The Sentry Saga: Robert Kirkman's revelation on Yeun's role adds intrigue to Marvel's unfolding drama.

"Marvel's Search: After Yeun's exit, the hunt for a new Sentry begins, with Ryan Gosling in the spotlight.

"Insider Scoop: Daniel Richtman spills details on Thunderbolts, revealing a high-tech militia as the antagonists.

Thunderbolts Unleashed: Marvel's ensemble grows with Red Guardian, Ghost, Yelena Belova, and more

Valentina's Influence: Contessa Valentina's role expands as Marvel dives into Thunderbolts' intricate storyline

"Harrison Ford's Transformation: Iconic actor steps in as Red Hulk, succeeding the late William Hurt.

Ayo Edebiri Joins: Marvel adds depth with Erin's character, Valentina's assistant, in Thunderbolts' dynamic cast."